"The turn-key"
gelato business

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what is Movo®?

Simple, easy, immediate.
Movo® brings the gelato
where there is not a gelato palour.

A 360° quality system.

Well known all over the world, the gelato is one of the most consumed and successful italian product. And in Italy itself  Movo® was born: a new concept to make gelato in order to remove every obstacles in this competitive area.


a dynamic system

From the machines, to the shop, until the operating procedures: 
Movo®  is studied in every details.

Minimum investment, highly profitable, a simple managment and very flexible in terms of space required and communicative style. Movo® can fit even the smallest spaces, without the need to set a laboratory.

Thanks to its easy and user-friendly system, anyone can make the gelato, without any kind of previous training or specific skills. At the same time, Movo® guarantees the highest quality standards, allowing everyone to make always a fresh, creamy and absolutely tasty gelato.


a "turn-key" gelato shop

Movo® is the perfect solution for who desires to run its own gelato chain: reduced spaces, no skills required, limited investments and a high profit.


Movo® strengths

Movo guarantees the optimisation of the investments
and the maximization of the ROI:

  • High Quality Standards
  • High profit margin
  • Long shelf life with reduced wastes
  • No cold chain
  • Reduced spaces required
  • Minimum investments
  • No skills needed for the workforce
  • Easy management

whatever your soul is,
Movo will respect it


You can choose a strong and immediate layout, or a more green and natural option, or a more sofisticate design.

Our shops can go from the smallest and
compact islands to the more complete and
elaborated traditional shops.
around our clients needs.

We tailor a perfect shop around your requests.



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