Movo: to the heart of the gelato experience


From the reserch of the best selected raw materials, to the devoloping of new producution processes, our exclusive recipes MovoChef® were born.
Our mixtures allow to serve an always creamy and fresh gelato.


Only the best milk and cream from Piedmont valleys.

Our MovoChef® recipes are developed using the most innovative technics in order to maintain unaltered taste and fragrance of the raw materials applied. There are not preservatives nor dyes in our MovoChef® mixtures. They are hygienically guaranteed thanks to the UHT process; 12 months of shelf life at room temperature.


MovoChef® offers a mixture ready to use, without any other ingredients to be added.


More than  50% of genuine fruit pulp.


Organic and vegan

A green line: without any animal proteins nor milk replacers.
Only certified organic ingredients.

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From the heart of the Alps to the heart of Movo

For our mixtures we use only the best selected raw materials.

100% Made in Italy


Gelato Club has always been operating according to high quality standards, provided  by the main national and international reference standards.


The certifications obtained over the years are regularly checked by accredited Certification Bodies.